Willow North Environmental Consulting is 100% Aboriginal owned, and is located in Fort St. John, serving BC's northeast.

Willow North Environmental Consulting provides two lines of service for natural resources development for multi-industry applications: 

  1. Consultation, Negotiation, Advocacy

    1. Aboriginal Communities

    2. Landowners and Landowner Associations

    3. Proponents

  2. Applied Earth Science

    1. Pre-site assessments,

    2. Project monitoring,

    3. Project inspection,

    4. Site reclamation and remediation, and

    5. Certificate of restoration application services.

The most important attribute is that projects can be followed through from concept through development, to restoration/ reclamation.  

It is believed that the most important thing is that the integrity of the environment be held forefront, from there the actions of all parties can be held accountable.